Ratchet Scraper

Dairypower is the foremost European designer and manufacturer of Automatic Hydraulic Yard Scraper Systems. Our patented scraper system has many unique features that make it the safest and most trouble free system in the world. The Dairypower scraper system is hydraulically operated, which means fewer moveable parts and considerably less risk of breakdowns. Also see the Dairypower Hydraulic Rope Scraper System which incorporates a hydraulic motor and winch unit to clean barn alley ways

Rope Scraper

The Dairypower Hydraulic Rope Scraper is a unique system which incorporates a hydraulic motor and winch unit to clean barn alley ways. The Dairypower Hydraulic Rope Scraper does not use an electric motor as traditionally used in Rope Scraper Systems, it instead uses a hydraulic motor which is driven with a hydraulic power pack, the same as used in our Ratchet Scraper System which has been tried and tested over the past 30+ years.

Backing gate system

The scraper backing gate integrates our automatic scraper system and an advancement gate. Cleaning can be configured to clean in either forward or reverse directions. The operator can control gate advancement from anywhere in the milking pit. The scraper backing gate can be programmed to operate for a fixed distance to bring the cows to the milking parlour and when the farmer is finished the gate can be returned to the parked position.

Cublicle Mats

Main Benefits

  • Higher Occupancy
  • Soft, Warm & Comfortable 
  • Flexibility to ‘turn’ mats 
    Allows flexibility in ‘facing’ either side of the mat upwards. ‘Turning’ mats extends the lifetime of the mat and the two-sided pattern allows for this flexibility while still maintaining the non-slip characteristics.
  • Thicker mats lead to increased comfort
  • Increased Yields & reduced veterinary costs 
    When livestock are warm and comfortable they perform better.

Main Features

  • EVA type mats
  • Two sided pattern
  • Range of sizes and thicknesses
  • Non absorbent
  • Non slip
  • No fillers
Cow Penning
Feed Barriers