The health and welfare of your herd is one of the most important, complicated and often overlooked aspects of dairy farming.

However, with Power Dairy’s many years of experience in the supply and recommendation of dairy chemicals and hygiene products, ensuring your herd stays fit, healthy and profitable is no more than a phone call away.

Although a variety of chemicals are directly available from Power Dairy,  we’re able to offer you the latest hygiene solutions for one of the worlds leading dairy suppliers at a fantastic price.

For full information on all of our Health and Hygiene products please call or email us directly; alternatively, an overview of our recommended products can be viewed below:

Water heaters
Heat Exchangers
Water treatement
Teat spray

Teat spraying provides a number of benefits including reducing bacterial numbers on teat skin after milking…

Why is this important?

Teat spraying helps to reduce bacterial numbers on teat skin after milking, keep teat skin supple and healthy, reduce risk of new infections by 50% in lactating cows.

You have ineffective teat spraying if:

  • More than 5% of cows have teat damage or sores – see Healthy Udder, Prevent 4 for examples of damage.
  • Teat condition is generally dry or rough.
  • Volume used/cow/milking is less than recommended i.e:20 ml for hand-held spray stystems or 30 ml for auto sprayer
  • Clinical cases are above average – see Industry Benchmarks
  • Clinical cases are above trigger – see Mastitis Focus.
Cluster flushing
Automatic foot bath

Automatic Footbath for cows, Pneumatic Drainage, Automatic Dosage, Automatic rince and spray, Automatic cow counter.

Plate coolers
Hot/cold water systems

PV solar panels for electricity dairy hygene